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Conform (GIS data processing)

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Conform is a software for cross-platform GIS viewer, editor and analysis tool.

GameSim, a video vame, simulation and GIS company, launches a new version of the Geospatial visualization product, Conform, which adds support for rendering LIDAR, point cloud data.

Conform is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for processing your GIS data. Whether you are a new or experienced GIS user, you will find Conform a useful tool to view, edit and analyze your data. Drag and drop folders of data into Conform and it will automatically load all supported GIS formats (e.g., Shapefiles, DTED, GeoTIFFs, LIDAR, etc.). Got a new batch of data that you need to take a look at? It's as simple as dragging the root folder into Conform and let it handle the rest.

Built for Speed

Using modern game engine rendering techniques, Conform will parse and display large amounts of data in moments. Many GIS tools require users to create separate projects when loading GIS data from various geographic locations and formats. This is not required in Conform. Users can load all of their data into a single project and use the intuitive map window to view all of their data across the globe.

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