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Our mission is to curate and showcase global space assets.

If you are a professional engineer, technician, scientist, academic, manager or executive actively involved or interested in the space industry join our endeavour and sign up today.

Add your personal entry into the space professional’s directory.  Whether it’s developing your technical or business knowledge or transferable skills, keeping up to date with the latest best practice, standards, news or having access to experts who can help grow your experience and give advice, we’re here to support you and make you a part of our thriving professional community.
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  • Stimulate collaboration between Research and Industry.

The Space industry is a global endeavour reflecting humanity’s need to understand our place in the Universe. This industry enhances global communications, navigation and the monitoring of planet Earth; it transcends national borders and brings together our exploration of both the smallest and largest structures of our Universe; from the quantum world at the time of the big bang through to the largest super clusters of galaxies.

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