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Command Decryption Unit CDU-100

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L-3 Telemetry-West (L-3 TW) is proud of its long and rich heritage providing cryptographic communication devices for Department of Defense as well as commercial applications. With over 35 years experience, we have embedded a variety of National Security Agency devices such as KGV-68, KGV-21, MYK-1, CDH, Caribou, Centurion, Cardholder and Pegasus into high-reliability airborne and space applications. With our strong spaceflight heritage, we are a recognized industry leader in Type 1 design, parts selection, radiation hardening, NSA approval and space qualification as evidenced by over 500 units launched (including over 50 cryptographic units). L-3 TW is a demonstrated low-risk solution for all your secure communications requirements.  The Command Decryption Unit (CDU-100) is an integrated decryptor unit providing security capabilities for satellite communications links. The CDU-100 secures uplink data and provides command authentication in a small lightweight housing. The CDU-100 has 64 bits of telemetry data that reports health and status and is designed for missions up to 15 years. It supports data rates of up to 1Mbps utilizing 16 selectable keys.

• Space qualified
• Total Dose/SEE hardened
• 1 Mbps uplink
• 16 keys
• NSA approved
• Flight Heritage on numerous commercial domestic and international programs
• Supports both Caribou and Centurion Algorithms

Decryptor; Centurion or Caribou Algorithms available
Data Rates; 125 bps to 1 Mbps
Size; 5.0" L x 2.5" W x 1.0" H
Weight; 0.6 lbs (265 grams)
Power; 0.3 W
Input Voltage; +5 V
Input Clock; 4 MHz
Surge; < 2 Amps for < 300 msec
Operating Temperature; -24°C to +61°C
Vibration; 19g rms
Radiation; Total Dose/SEE hardened
Tempest; NACSIM 5100A Compliant
EMI; MIL-STD-461C/D (Optional)

Additional Info

  • Type: Hardware
  • Area of use: Space segment
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