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The NOVELTIS company performs innovative scientific engineering studies and implements customised end-user solutions in the fields of Space, the Environment and Sustainable Development.
Our scientists develop high-tech solutions that involve top-level skills in environmental and physical sciences, in domains covering the atmosphere, oceans, and land surfaces.
The NOVELTIS staff is expert in modelling, simulations, processing of observation data and measurements, information systems, impact assessments, decision support systems...

NOVELTIS’ range of services includes:

  • Preliminary studies of new mission concepts;
  • Development and exploitation of end-to-end simulators;
  • Specification and analysis of the performance of observation instruments and space missions;
  • Design and development of geophysical products derived from such missions;
  • Validation of observation products and mission calibration.

NOVELTIS’ positioning in environmental applications based on space data-derived information, enables us to offer different approaches for the design and valorisation of space products.

NOVELTIS’ added value lies in the synergy between its expertise in space science and technology, and its skills in environmental science and its applications.
NOVELTIS plays a significant part in the preparation of future missions or innovative measurement concepts in various domains of Earth Observation:

  • Meteorology and atmospheric sounding with IASI-NG and MTG/IRS;
  • Atmospheric chemistry and air quality with Sentinel-4 and Sentinel-5;
  • Climate and greenhouse gases with GOSAT and Microcarb;
  • Oceanography and continental hydrology with AltiKa, Sentinel-3 and SWOT;
  • Ocean biogeochemistry and vegetation with multispectral and hyperspectral programmes such as SPECTRA and HypXim;
  • Glaciology with observing techniques such as P-band ground penetrating radars or lidars.

Since its creation, NOVELTIS has been deeply involved in the implementation and exploitation of atmospheric sounding space missions such as IASI

We have been or are taking part in Jason-1 and Jason-2 altimetry missions, MERIS data processing development for vegetation measurement, and GRACE (measurement of the Earth gravity field).


Additional Info

  • Country of Registration: France
  • Media Contact: Frédéric PINCHAUX
  • Recruitment Contact: Frédéric PINCHAUX
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