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  • Ariane 6 joint update report, 21 June 2024

Ariane 6 joint update report, 21 June 2024

Written by  Friday, 21 June 2024 14:00
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Key milestones towards inaugural flight:

14 June: Ariane 6 qualification review close-out

The closing of all aspects of the qualification for the Ariane 6 launch system, launch base and launcher system was approved. This was the final step of the launch system qualification to authorise the inaugural flight of Ariane 6.

14 June: Upper composite transfer, and integration on the launcher, Kourou, French Guiana

The upper composite, consisting of the launcher adapter, the payloads and the fairing for Ariane 6 flight model-1 were moved from the encapsulation hall to the launch pad and placed on top of the launcher.

20 June: Ariane 6 flight model-1 wet dress rehearsal, Kourou, French Guiana

The Ariane 6 flight model-1 was fuelled on the launchpad and subsequently drained of fuel in preparation for launch. The wet dress rehearsal included a full countdown to launch stopping as planned just a few seconds before a lift-off. This allows teams to improve and fine tune the launch system using the actual flight hardware and software in view of the inaugural flight. In parallel the chronology was accompanied by a rehearsal of the launch range that was configured for the inaugural flight of Ariane 6.

The data gathered from the wet dress rehearsal will take at least a week to analyse in full and results will be communicated in the next task force update.

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