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Alexandra Fetzer

Alexandra Fetzer

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Sapienza Consulting receives “Preferred Supplier” status for NIT and SWS positions and “Best Supplier” for the BMC Domain for the period of 1st March 2015 and 29th February 2016 under the competitive ESA Frame Agreement for Industrial Support to ESA Directorates represented at ESTEC.
The Sapienza led Consortium is very happy to receive these awards and looks forward to further improve our contributions to ECO (Education Communications and Outreach) and FAM (Facility Management) domains where we are currently the “Second Best Supplier”.
These achievements come as the natural result to the great efforts made by the Sapienza Manpower and Administrative teams, as well as the top-quality of our client supporting professional staff which ranges in skillsets and competences across many domains such as: Space Engineering, Software Engineering, Information Technology, Administration, Finance and Control, Document and Configuration Management, Product Assurance, Assembly Integration and Testing and EGSE support.