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Stephane Basa
Margaret Basten
Administrative Assistant
Space Administration
Benjamin Bastida Virgili
Space Debis Engineer
Ground Segment
Bert Bastijns
Head of Coordination Office ESA
Space Administration
Luis Batres
Germany Business Manager
Ground Segment
Thomas Bayat
Managing director
Space Segment
David Baynes
Retired RFI/EMC Engineer
Space Segment
Volker Beckmann
Head of Francois Arago Centre
Ground Segment
Luca Benetti
Power Engineer
Space Segment
Andrea Bennetti
Commercial Director
Space Executive
Edoardo Benzi
Mission Operations Manager
Ground Segment
Michael Berger
Science coordinator
Chris Bergin
Guillem Bernat
Space Segment
Adrien Bernier
Business Development Manager
Michel Berthé
Project Manager
Space Segment
Federico Bertini
Spacecraft AIT Engineer

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