About Copernical

Copernical is an independent not-for-profit project to curate and showcase global space assets.  The objective is to survey the capabilities and equipment available in the space industry across the world.  The project seeks to foster, stimulate innovation and development of space programmes and initiatives across borders.

COPERNICAL connects people, companies, missions, and projects in the space industry.

This site is the space professionals networking portal and is aimed at facilitating communication and information exchange amongst professionals involved in the space industry and space science fields. It provides a site for all participants in these fields including students, engineers, scientists, managers, and decision makers to present their activities and discuss issues in an open forum across the world. It also provides free and open data resources for space companies and space missions and space related science and technology. If you are looking for information, wishing to build teams, or just want to share your experiences or projects, then this is the place for you!

  • Inform the space community of your skills and current activities.
  • Explore similar projects and missions.
  • Showcase your company, projects, and products.
  • Share knowledge and information on developments in the space industry.
  • Build virtual teams.
  • Stimulate collaboration between Research and Industry.

You are invited to participate in our effort to provide the most complete and relevant data for space science, space technology, space missions ...

The Copernical Team