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Ideas funded by ESA in February 2021:
- Boosting local sleep in astronauts: a possible way out of attentional lapses
- Hierarchically structuring space systems from the nano to whole component scale using synchrotron
tuned additive manufacturing
- Development of a multi-material additive manufacturing machine
for space hardware using localised heat to debind and sinter fused filament fabricated parts
- AI powered cross-modal adaptation techniques applied to Sentinel-1 and -2 data
- Towards explainable AI4EO: a new frontier to gain trust into the AI
- Improving the synergy between Earth- and space-based data for Galilean satellite ephemerides

Read more about these innovations here:
The Open Space Innovation Platform. Are you a business, university, organisation or individual with an idea for achieving more through space research? Join ESA's community and share your idea through the Open Space Innovation Platform (OSIP). Slected ideas can receive funding and/techncial support.

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