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Generation 1 Onboard Software

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Generation 1 Tools Generation 1 Tools

Bright Ascension’s Generation 1 Onboard Software product, or Gen1 for short, combines our mature component-based software framework with proven software components and an Eclipse-based tool system.

It provides an excellent solution for the command and data handling needs of the next generation of highly-capable CubeSats and other nano-satellites. Gen1 will enable you to rapidly and cheaply produce robust software for your spacecraft whatever subsystems you choose, and, where we already provide support for your subsystems, get a near-complete solution out-of-the-box. Bright Ascension are also able to offer bespoke solutions based on this software, letting you focus on the aspects of the mission that are most important to you.

Key Benefits


Rather than writing software from scratch, Generation 1 provides you with most of the functionality you need off-the-shelf. This allows you to focus on producing or procuring code to cover the unique parts of your mission. Whatever development you do, cross-platform support means most development and testing can be done on desktop PCs without access to flight hardware or engineering models. On the ground side, we include a graphical test application software which will provide telemetry monitoring and telecommand to support your development and AIT activities.


The component-based architecture we’ve used for Generation 1 means that software can be assembled from a library of existing, validated code and supplemented with new components to introduce new capabilities.

This flexibility extends into orbit,  with a high level of reconfigurability and automation to cope with evolving mission needs and provide plenty of troubleshooting options.


Generation 1 was designed  with portability in mind. An abstraction and layer and flexible build system make it straightforward to add support for new operating systems and architectures. It is also easy to develop your onboard software on one platform, such as desktop PC, and transfer your working solution to another platform, such as an onboard computer, with few, if any, changes.


Wherever possible we adopt recognised and mature international standards to promote interoperability and portability. Generation 1 uses CCSDS standards for communications and for I/O handling on board giving you the most options for the operation of your spacecraft and adaptation of existing software to the Generation 1 framework. Gen 1 includes an ECSS Packet Utilisation Standard (PUS) compliant protocol stack, providing a standard TM/TC solution already compatible with many existing ground segments.


Our heavily tested, proven code is developed to  MISRA-C standards for safe, reliable embedded systems. Our scheduling system facilitates the development of robust, verifiable task schedules allowing you to be sure your onboard software will meet strict real-time requirements.

Ease of Use

We recognise the importance of good documentation which is why you will find comprehensive API reference documentation, a full user manual and thoroughly documented source code.

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