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ABSL Batteries

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ABSL Space Products  is known as a leading supplier of Lithium-ion batteries for spacecraft and launch vehicles.

ABSL is a major supplier of primary and secondary Lithium-ion batteries to the space industry, having accumulated more than 10,000 cell years of operation in space without failure. Since pioneering the use of Lithium-ion with the world's first rechargeable Lithium-ion spacecraft battery (PROBA), we have received battery contracts for more than eighty spacecraft and launch vehicles. Thirty four of our battery systems have been launched powering spacecraft in various orbits. PROBA was designed for one-year mission duration and is still operating after nearly seven years in orbit.

Our battery products provide power to satellites and launch vehicles to:

  • operate on-board instruments and experiments
  • remain in the correct orbit and orientation
  • communicate with the Earth

ABSL can supply batteries to meet the range of spacecraft and launch vehicle demands. ABSL primary batteries can be used for launch vehicle or ‘one shot’ spacecraft missions such as landers. ABSL secondary batteries are used on launch vehicles for avionics, pyrotechnic, flight termination and thrust vector control systems. On spacecraft, ABSL rechargeable battery systems mostly provide power during Launch and Early orbit OPerations (LEOP) periods as well as on station when solar arrays are in shadow. For all space applications, high reliability and assured performance in the most demanding of environments is key. ABSL batteries have proved incredibly reliable with industry leading performance with light weight being particularly important as this frees payload mass either for added spacecraft utility or launch capability.

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