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Space Angels Network is an angel investing network which connects investors and entrepreneurs to encourage private investment in commercial space, aerospace, and aviation startups.

Its members typically invest in early-stage companies which are not yet ready for venture capital.

By focusing on industry instead of geography, the subject-matter expertise of both the management team and members allows Space Angels Network to evaluate deals that would never have made it past the initial screening of more traditional angel groups. Investments are typically companies with experienced teams pursuing large markets with a unique product, service, or business model in the following fields:

  • Satellite (telecom, GPS navigation, geospatial imaging, weather observation)
  • Transportation (vehicles, tourism, platforms, components, services, operations infrastructure)
  • Biomedical & life sciences
  • Microgravity research
  • Space habitats
  • Space debris removal & satellite refueling
  • Manufacturing, mining, and construction
  • Space energy
  • UAVs and Aircraft

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