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Alice Andral
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Links to example results of my research and to my other profiles with publications etc...
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Tomas Brunclik shared a file
(Full text in Czech)
It was the objective of this work to develop a proce-
dure for the relative radiometric normalization of Senti-
nel-2 images and to verify its applicability in the modeling
of chlorophyll-a concentration based on satellite data.
A process of analyzing changes for the selection of pseu-
do-invariant surfaces has been proposed. These pseudo-
invariant surfaces were used in a newly developed spatial-
ly variable variant of relative radiometric normalization.
The satellite data already corrected by the Sen2Cor pro-
gram were additionally corrected by the proposed proce-
dure. Models were developed to calculate the concentra-
tion of chlorophyll-a from Sentinel-2 satellite imagery.
Models based on unmodified and radiometrically normal-
ized satellite data were compared. The positive effect of
the proposed procedure on the chlorophyll-a model was
Keywords: monitoring, chlorophyll-a, water bodies, re-
mote sensing, satellite, Sentinel-2, atmospheric correction,
relative radiometric normalization
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