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NASA, Sierra Space Deliver Dream Chaser to Florida for Launch Preparation - NASA
Dream Chaser Tenacity, Sierra Space’s uncrewed cargo spaceplane, is processed inside the Space Systems Processing Facility (SSPF) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Monday, May 20, 2024.
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Cape Canaveral
Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain

NASA and Boeing need more time to make sure a helium leak on its CST-100 Starliner is low enough risk to send humans into space.

So the launch of NASA astronauts Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams has now been pushed to May 25 targeting a 3:09 p.m. liftoff atop a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station's Space Launch Complex 41.

The duo were sitting in the capsule on the pad with about two hours left on the on May 6 when a problem with a fluttering valve on the upper stage of the Atlas V forced mission managers to scrub.

After rolling the rocket back to ULA's Vertical Integration Facility near the pad and switching out the valve, managers found a second issue with a small helium on the Starliner's service module.

The source of the leak was traced to a flange on a reaction control thruster, and teams performed pressure tests that showed the leak was "stable and would not pose a risk at that level during the flight," according to a NASA press release.

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Sydney, Australia (SPX) May 16, 2024
Scientists have introduced a new form of quantum entanglement known as frequency-domain photon number-path entanglement. This advancement in quantum physics involves a tool called a frequency beam splitter, which can alter the frequency of individual photons with a 50% success rate. For years, the scientific community has explored spatial-domain photon number-path entanglement, significant
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Video: 00:00:16

ESA's fireball camera in Cáceres, Spain, captured this stunning meteor on Saturday night, 18 May 2024.

New phase for Sunrise partnership

Monday, 20 May 2024 08:07
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New phase for Sunrise partnership

A contract marking the next phase of ESA’s Sunrise Partnership Project with Eutelsat Group will ensure critical technologies are built for next generation 5G connectivity in Europe expected in 2026.

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Blue Origin saw its first crewed launch since a rocket mishap in 2022 left rival Virgin Galactic as the sole operator in the fledgling suborbital tourism market
Blue Origin saw its first crewed launch since a rocket mishap in 2022 left rival Virgin Galactic as the sole operator in the fledgling suborbital tourism market.

After a nearly two-year hiatus, Blue Origin flew adventurers to space on Sunday, including a former Air Force pilot who was denied the chance to be the United States' first Black astronaut decades ago.

It was the first crewed launch for the enterprise owned and founded by Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos since a rocket mishap in 2022 left rival Virgin Galactic as the sole operator in the fledgling suborbital tourism market.

Six people including the sculptor Ed Dwight, who was on track to become NASA's first ever astronaut of color in the 1960s before being controversially spurned, launched around 09:36 am local time (1436 GMT) from the Launch Site One base in west Texas, a live feed showed.

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Los Angeles CA (SPX) May 20, 2024
NASA and ESA announced they signed an agreement to expand NASA's work on the ExoMars Rosalind Franklin rover, an ESA-led mission launching in 2028 to search for signs of ancient life on Mars. With this memorandum of understanding, NASA's Launch Services Program will secure a U.S. commercial launch provider for the Rosalind Franklin rover. NASA will also supply heater units and elements of
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Paris, France (SPX) May 20, 2024
BepiColombo, the joint ESA/JAXA mission to Mercury, has experienced an issue that is preventing the spacecraft's thrusters from operating at full power. BepiColombo consists of two scientific probes and the Mercury Transfer Module, designed to separate during the mission's Mercury orbit insertion. The solar arrays and electric propulsion system on the Mercury Transfer Module generate
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Paris, France (SPX) May 20, 2024
The Juventas CubeSat, equipped with radar, is partially deployed from its Hera mission mothership inside ESA's Maxwell chamber for electromagnetic compatibility testing. The foam pyramids around Hera absorb radio signals, while the Maxwell chamber's 9-m high metal walls block external radio interference. This space mimics the void of space, allowing the Hera team to validate the spacecraft
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