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Tuesday, 03 November 2020 16:33


Needronix is a small company focused on the research and development of space technologies.

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Monday, 14 September 2020 09:38

AAC Clyde Space

At AAC Clyde Space we specialise in providing advanced small spacecraft, mission services, and subsystems. We are the market leader in small satellite solutions and services for government, commercial, and educational organisations.

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Monday, 19 August 2013 09:31

Attitude Determination & Control units

SpaceQuest's ADC (Attitude Determination & Control)  units help you keep your spacecraft in a healthy orientation.

Attitude sensors augment your situational awareness and might be essential to your mission. Our Attitude control devices, both passive and active, give you the flexibility to control your spacecraft without the high cost of other systems. All of our ADC units are small and friendly to your power budget.

Item Description

  • GPS-12-V1 Space-Qualified GPS Receiver
  • MAG-3 Three-Axis Magnetometer
  • MW-1000 Reaction / Momentum Wheel (1 Nms)


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Tuesday, 23 July 2013 06:46

CubeSat AOCS pack

The CubeSat AOCS pack enables three-axis attitude control of CubeSats.

It is a product of SFL presenting high performance actuator and sensor package that draws directly from CanX-2 heritage and proven on-orbit performance. This suite of attitude sensors and actuators enables detumbling maneuvers, nadir pointing and three-axis inertial pointing while adhering to strict volume, mass and power constraints. The reaction wheels are smaller versions of the CanX-2 reaction wheel, developed in collaboration with Sinclair Interplanetary.

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Thursday, 23 May 2013 05:15

Sputnix Ltd

Sputnix Ltd is a Russian company with activity in the field of small spacecraft Attitude Control and Determination Systems (ACDS).

Sputnix Ltd proposes design, development and test for ACDS systems. Another important activity of Sputnix is to design and manufacture a small spacecraft platform called TabletSat – a 10-12 kg SC platform for implementation of technological experiments in space.

It is a subsidiary company of the SCANEX Research and Development Center (ScanEx – the leading Russian company on the remote sensing market, specializing in receiving of Earth observation images from space, its thematic processing and distribution).

Sputnix Ltd's activity was initiated by the ScanEx Satellite Technology Division. This division developed a three-axes stabilization Attitude Control and Determination System (ACDS) for a small satellite Chibis-M. The Chibis-M spacecraft was successfully launched into orbit on 25 January 2012. Sputnix Ltd was established in 2011.

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013 21:32

Tessella plc

Tessella plc is a consultancy company providing services in several markets.

In the space market Tessella offes expertise in systems engineering, mission analysis, control design, mathematical modelling and detailed analysis provides a combination of skills to develop solutions. Tessella has built an reputation for technical support in the following main areas: :

  • Attitude and Orbit Control Systems (AOCS);
  • Guidance, navigation and control (GNC);
  • Entry, Descent and Landing System (EDLS).



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Wednesday, 17 April 2013 07:43


SENER is a private engineering and technology group founded in 1956 specialized in technological solutions.

For the space industry, SENER has developed from its beginnings mechanisms and mechanical systems that cover almost all the needs of the Flight Segment. Moreover, SENER supplies essential items for completing successful missions, such as Attitude or Control Systems (AOCS) and Guidance, Navigation and Control systems (GNC). All this is backed up with technical solvency, successfully proven with more than 20 satellites and spacecrafts currently operating with SENER equipment on board. In fact, SENER has a major history of meting deliveries, with which it has achieved a reputation for quality and reliability in Space.

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Monday, 29 October 2012 09:02

MicroSat Systems Inc. (MSCI)

Microsat Systems Canada Inc. (MSCI) is a privately held Canadian corporation applying dynamics and control technology in the space market for reaction wheels, rate measurement units and complete microsatellites. Formerly the space division of Dynacon Inc., MSCI has been the premiere builder of microsatellites in Canada for over a decade.

MSCI is providing the design, development and delivery of cost-effective, adaptable Multi Mission Microsatellite Buses capable of hosting a wide variety of remote sensing, communications, scientific and military payloads. MSCI is active as well in systems engineering analysis, the development of sophisticated, cost-effective attitude control system solutions and their implementation into flight hardware and software.

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