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Tuesday, 03 November 2020 20:28

Cormorant cubesat transceiver


Being a crucial component our transceivers provide TT&C functionality while keeping low power consumption and uncompromised functionality built with many years of expertise. As a bonus some very interesting HAM-Radio friendly features are implemented.
Designed by OM1LD.

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Tuesday, 03 November 2020 16:33


Needronix is a small company focused on the research and development of space technologies.

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Tuesday, 30 October 2012 07:07


AMSAT is a name for amateur radio satellite organizations worldwide, but in particular the Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation with headquarters at Silver Spring, Maryland, USA.

AMSAT organizations design, build, arrange launches for, and then operate (command) satellites carrying amateur radio payloads, including the OSCAR series of satellites.

Other informally affiliated national organizations exist, such as AMSAT Germany (AMSAT-DL) and AMSAT Japan (JAMSAT).

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Wednesday, 25 July 2012 14:46


OSCAR is an acronym for Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio. OSCAR series amateur radio satellites use amateur radio frequency allocations to facilitate communication between amateur radio stations.

These satellites can be used for free by licensed amateur radio operators for voice (FM, SSB) and data communications (AX.25, packet radio,APRS). Currently over 20 fully operational satellites in orbit act as repeaters, linear transponders or store and forward digital relays.

Throughout the years OSCAR satellites have helped make breakthroughs in the science of satellite communications. A few advancements include the launch of the first satellite voice transponder (OSCAR 3) and the development of highly advanced digital "store-and-forward" messaging transponder techniques. To date, over 70 OSCARs have been launched with more to be launched in the future.

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