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Baton Rouge LA (SPX) Jan 13, 2022
New research from LSU and the University of Florida suggests that more shark attacks occur during fuller phases of the moon. While the exact cause remains unclear, the researchers found that more shark attacks than average occur during periods of higher lunar illumination and fewer attacks than average occur during periods of lower illumination. Many different types of animals show behaviors tha
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Long Beach CA (SPX) Jan 19, 2022
Rocket Lab USA, Inc. has announced the launch window for its first Electron mission in 2022, a dedicated mission for BlackSky (NYSE: BKSY) through global launch services provider Spaceflight Inc. Electron is scheduled to launch the "Without Mission A Beat" mission from Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1 in New Zealand during a launch window that opens February 4, 2022 UTC. The "Without Mission A
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Orlando FL (UPI) Jan 19, 2022
SpaceX successfully launched 49 Starlink satellites from Florida on Tuesday evening, bringing the total number of Starlinks launched to over 2,000. The Falcon 9 rocket lifted off from Complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center just after 9 p.m. after it was originally scheduled for 7:04 p.m. EST but was delayed within 15 minutes of the original launch time. Only 1,741 of the broadband Internet c
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Paris, France (SPX) Jan 13, 2022
Euroconsult, the leading space consulting and market intelligence firm, has released its eagerly awaited ''Earth Observation Satellite Systems Market'' report, providing a sweeping review analysis of the Earth Observation (EO) upstream ecosystem and breaking down government and commercial programs in exhaustive details. With the Earth Observation manufacturing market gearing up for another
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New York NY (SPX) Jan 19, 2022
Satellogic, a leader in sub-meter resolution satellite imagery collection, currently 70 centimeters, and CF Acquisition Corp., a special purpose acquisition company sponsored by Cantor Fitzgerald, announced that they have secured an additional $150 million private placement commitment from Liberty Strategic Capital ("Liberty"), a private equity firm founded and led by former U.S. Secretary of th
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Washington DC (UPI) Jan 18, 2021
Private investment in space infrastructure companies hit a record-breaking $14.5 billion last year, according to a report Tuesday by New York City-based firm Space Capital. The new report from the venture capital company shows space infrastructure investment in 2021 was more than 50% greater than the prior record set in 2020. The report, which is also available in an interactive
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Video: 01:47:29

Exciting launches to the Moon and to the Red Planet, a second mission to the International Space Station for ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, the very first images provided by the James Webb Space Telescope, and a new class of European astronauts: 2022 looks very promising for European space!

Watch the replay of our annual press conference with ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher presenting the highlights for 2022. He is joined by ESA Directors and answers questions from journalists.

Access the Director General's slides

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Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain

The European Space Agency has narrowed down the candidate list for its next generation of astronauts, including dozens who have a physical disability.

The agency announced last year that it had received a record number of 22,589 applicants from people hoping to become the continent's next generation of space travelers.

ESA said Tuesday it has reduced these to fewer than 1,400—including 29 of whom have a physical disability—and hoped to cut the shortlist down to several tens of candidates by the end of the year for the four to six positions on its astronaut training program.

The agency's director-general, Josef Aschbacher, said the selection process would be accompanied by a feasibility study to determine the implications of choosing candidates with disabilities "but, yes, we are committed at ESA to open space to everyone."

ESA has for decades relied on its Russian and American counterparts to launch astronauts into space. Currently the agency has several places booked on American commercial launches.

But Aschbacher said Europe may finally get its own crewed spacecraft if ESA member states approve the idea at a meeting later this year.

Tuesday, 18 January 2022 15:10

Steady driving toward ExoMars launch

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Steady driving towards ExoMars launch
The path that ExoMars 2022 will follow to reach the Red Planet is set. The trajectory that will take the spacecraft from Earth to Mars in 264 days foresees a touchdown on the martian surface on 10 June 2023, at around 17:30 CEST (15:30 UTC). Credit: ESA

The first simulation of the ExoMars rover driving off its landing platform closed out an incredible year of preparations as the mission now marches with confidence towards a September launch.

ESA's Rosalind Franklin rover starts the year with months of successful maintenance and functional tests behind it. All its instruments are go for flight, with some minor tuning left to complete this month.

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Ariane 6 central core reaches Europe's Spaceport

The central core of ESA’s new generation Ariane 6 launch vehicle has arrived in French Guiana from Europe. This enables combined tests at Europe’s Spaceport where Ariane 6 parts will come together on the launch pad for the first time.

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