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of the space industry

Members Menu

This menu item contans submenus to search for other members and to monitor activty on the network.  These pages can be accssed through one of the folloing submenus:

  • Members Grid
  • Members List
  • Activity

Members Listings

Listing of all members showing name, professional role and sector.  The list can be filtered using the search feature to find indivual members or members in specified sectors and professional roles.

The member list can be displayed either as a grid or as rows.


This submenu lists member activity on coperncial.  Activty listed here includes who logged in, publications of artciles and blogs by memebrs and annoucements.  Activities can be excluded from the list using the pop-out menu on each activity item.

Activity from specified members or similar type of activity can be hidden from the list to allow reduction of the list to areas of interest.