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Employer Panel Menu

To access this service, members must register as an employer. Jobseekers cannot access the employer panel.

The Employer panel provides a dashboard to help manage recruitment campaigns and manage the entire workflow online securely and privately.


Post jobs. 

Add jobs to be advertised throughout the Copernical website and its members. Define job category, status and many other options such as salary range, education level, experience levels etc. Define publication period and job location on maps. Copy jobs as a template for new jobs.

Manage job applications

Full recruitment workflow management. Create candidate short lists, save candidates to different folders for future use. Save notes and status, export all applications to Excel or pdf.

Search CV/resume database

Access all resumes where members have ticked “make searchable”, use keywords, categories and many other search criteria. Organise CVs into folders.

Communicate with candidates

Send private messages or emails to candidates from within the system and save all exchanges. Update the job status (open, hold, interviewing, closed to new applicants, closed etc) so that all potential candidates and applicants can see whether the job is still open or closed.