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Job Seeker Panel Menu

The Job seeker panel provides a dashboard to manage your career applications and interactions with recruiters entirely online and privately.


Search and find jobs of interest. 

Search by category, job type, status, salary range, map location and many other parameters. 

Save job searches.

Save any number of search filters for later use.

Short list jobs.

Click on any job to save in your shortlist.

Manage your resume and career profile.

Add any number of resumes. Add contact details, summary profile and upload your detailed resume to be used for applications. Select whether your resume is searchable by recruiters.

Manage your cover letters.

Create any number of templates cover letters to use for job applications.

Track your job applications.

Full workflow to manage and track your job applications process.

Directly communicate with the employer.

Internal Message system to allow communication directly with the employer.

TIP: Ensure you tick "make searchable" in your resume, select the most suitable category and add as many keywords to the "key word" field as you can.  These are core search parameters used by employers.