Zero Point Frontiers Corp.

Zero Point Frontiers is an engineering firm with expertise in design integration, starship engineering, system analysis, architecture development, and decision management.

At Zero Point Frontiers, we remove the "noise" from a complex system and get it down to its essence—its zero point—to ensure the correct problem is solved. After that, we can tap the right ideas and build a system that meets the need.

What We Do

  • Air-Launched Rockets: Zero Point Frontiers is partnering with Virgin Galactic to define a systems engineering approach for an air-launched small satellite launch vehicle under DARPA's Air Launch Assist Space Access (ALASA) program.
  • In-Space Architecture Tools: We are helping NASA develop automated tools that will help them calculate the mass of in-space transportation systems. Calculating the mass is the first step toward understanding how much the system will cost and how long it will take to build. ZPFC hopes to develop project management tools that will perform those functions as well.
  • Space Launch System (SLS) Advanced Development: ZPFC began as a NASA contractor at Marshall Space Flight Center and continues to support the SLS Program Office's planning and advanced development for the nation's heavy-lift launch vehicle.
  • 3D Printing:The future of industrial development will not be defined by the factory but by desktop product printing. ZPFC is conducting internal research and development with this technology to begin prototyping low-cost space hardware.
  • iOS Apps: Instarocket was just our first step into the app world. WE are continuing to define new apps for iPad and other platforms. Expect other developments soon!



Zero Point Frontiers believes that a better future begins by working on it today. We work with Space, Energy, Nanotechnology, Robotics, and Biotechnology because those technologies will interact to change the world. Starting from that "zero point," we will engineer great and cool ideas (i.e., flying cars, tricorders, R2D2, starships) to make them realities.

  • Phase 0: Establish ourselves in the Space domain, identify and extract knowledge, pursue technologies, and support existing projects within NASA, DoD, and commercial environments.
  • Phase 1: Mature our Space business to enter the next domain: Energy. Work both sectors simultaneously, leverage the expertise and processes we develop with Space to create a harmony between the two sectors.
  • Phase 2: Develop a repeatable process for entering and establishing business in the other domains: Biotech, Robotics, and Nanotech. Become the Zero Point of all of these domains. Systematically pursue more ambitious research and development projects in all of these sectors.

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