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5G to help smart factories and masses of drones find their way

Written by  Tuesday, 03 November 2020 12:24
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ESA BIC Switzerland start-up INVOLI

5G will offer more to users than simply ultrafast communications; this better-than-wifi mobile standard should also deliver enhanced positioning to users. Accordingly, it is set to enable a wide range of potential applications from continuously-tracked smart factories to swarms of high-precision drones and assisted or self-driving cars.

How drones will be used in future
How drones will be used in future

“To know the position of your car is very important to use maps and all the rich information inside the maps,” he said. “Quite a vast range of functions make use of positioning, across differing application vehicles from motorcycles to trucks.”

The technology employed to do this needs to be stable, safe and usable all over the world, he added, and expressed hope that 5G could play a major role by increasing the coverage, availability and reliability of automotive positioning, at a reasonable price.

Cristiano Baldoni, CEO of d-flight looked skyward, anticipating a future when crewed aircraft are vastly outnumbered by all manner of automated aerial vehicles performing a wide variety of uses, what he termed ‘the internet of drones’.

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